Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swift the Raccoon

Here's a website for a food service management company, specifically for public schools. Why should you be interested in this, you might ask? Well look at that unbearably adorable little raccoon in the corner. See him? I created that guy. My first paying gig as an artist. Aren't you proud?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Search For the Golden Joe

In case you haven't seen it before, I present you with the premiere work from Jerkbag Productions - "The Search For the Golden Joe: Act One." In full, glorious HD splendor. It's pretty good except for the main character, Kevin the Loner. Man, that guy looks like an idiot.

The Search For the Golden Joe: Act One from Jerkbag Productions on Vimeo.

Strato-Boy Returns! - New comics for your delight or dismay

Hey guys. Here are my newly completed Strato-Boy pages. I'm going to be submitting my work to various comic book companies pretty soon, but you can be the first to view it right here! Don't you just feel all warm and gooey inside?

- Note: These pages are all xeroxes, not the originals (which were too large to be scanned). So alot of the pages
are marked with gray areas
and scratchy lines from the
copy machines. Sorry!

Strato-Boy characters!

So here's pretty much all the characters I've created so far for the "Strato-Boy universe." These are the character designs to go along with my comic book submissions. Heroes, villains, good-looking lady types - it's all here.